Why KOLD Appliances ?... 

      Leader  of commercial type freezer manufacturing industry in Pakistan.

      19 years of experience in refrigeration.

      Ozone Friendly ( CFC Free Gas ) 134a / 404a.

      Quality and customer orientation as highest priorities.

      Established long term business partnerships with multinationals all over the world.

      Capacity of 70000 units year utilizing the latest manufacturing technologies.

      Symbol of superior services and quality.

      Wide product range with efficient after-sale service network.

      Best refrigeration solutions to provide "Value for Money".

    Quality Policy :

      We provide credible products & service by the name of KOLD Appliances.

      We seek continuous improvement in every area of our operations by updating quality objectives.

      We whole heartily listen to the valuable suggestions of customer.

      We decide & act by keeping customer point of view in mind.

      We always provide quick & reliable customer services.

      Our aim is happy & satisfied customer.

      We ensure to manufacture quality products with utilization of best resources to achieve customer satisfaction.

      It will be our constant endeavors to provide with quality services.

    We Achieve Our Goals Through :

      Providing top quality products and services that satisfy our customers and maximize their loyalty.

      Close partnership with key customer and suppliers.

      A disciplined approach on problem solving, ensuring that root causes are addressed.

      A proactive and integrated approach to improve processes continuously, both implemented and break through.

      Clear recognition that our goals have to be realized by all our employees supported and coached by management.

      Enhancing employees competence and full use of their potential.

    Management Responsibilities :

      The management has a distinctive policy towards achieving good quality the objectives and targets set by the management, this policy is being deployed in acceptable and precise manner so that all the stake holders must benefit from the out come of the institution.

      The management is fully committed to implement the objectives and target many change with the constantly changing scenarios of current market and customers requirement.

      The management has set a deadline of the exact and precise dedication of all the members for the betterment of the company. It is also necessary that the management must periodically review the progress and status of the policy  deployment.

      To deploy this policy, it is necessary for every person working in the factory to accomplishment his / her goals which is set by him / her or by higher management to accomplish these goal, one must have clearly stated job responsibilities and targets.

      Moreover, to accomplish the cumulative goal of progress there must be good communication and coordination between all the employees and management.

      It is also necessary that coordination and communication between the in-house personnel and outside world ( i.e. suppliers and customers ) should be very precise, through and on time so as to avoid any problem which may arise due to misunderstanding. 


" KOLD "  in short, is  the name of ;

The reliable business partner,

The preferred supplier of multinational companies, and

The best refrigeration solutions to the most prestigious brands.